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Red Hawk - Vol 1
Artist Not ProvidedMade in Korea, this bargain-basement martial arts adventure looks like a cross between Dragon Ball and Fist of the North Star—and plays like countless other anime action tales. The land of Chungwon is descending into chaos as rival warrior gangs struggle for power. Led by the evil Lord Seobung, the deadly Camellia Blossoms are running a counterfeiting scheme to destabilize the economy. The people's hopes rest on one mysterious figure: the Red Hawk, a masked martial artist who always appears in the nick of time. But who is the Red Hawk? Could he possibly be Danlyong—the adorably goofy fellow who's accompanying waitress Honglyung and martial artiste Yungyung on their quest for justice? Anyone who's seen a martial arts anime will have the story figured out within 10 minutes; unfortunately, that leaves another 80 to get through. (Not rated; suitable for ages 16 and older: profanity, violence, nudity) —Charles Solomon
Red Hawk - Vol 2
Artist Not Provided
Red Hawk - Vol 3
Artist Not Provided